Creepy Hollow Train Depot Midwest of Cannon Falls

Here is a porcelain made item called Creepy Hollow Train Depot which was made by a company called Midwest of Cannon Falls Model # 23272-9

There is a battery compartment on the bottom side of this item which takes two Double A batteries and an on and off switch. I tested this out by putting in some batteries and turned it on to test it out. When you turn on the switch, there is a sound feature produced inside this display which produces a spooky laugh which sounds like a witch's laugh, and the four lights on the clock starts to flash red.

The box indicates this item as being a Limited Edition, only 3,500 pieces were made of this item. This Train Depot item was made in the year 1998.

This Creepy Hollow Train Depot Halloween village display measures almost 7 inches wide, about 3 inches in depth, and is a little over 6 inches high at its highest point.

This Creepy Hollow Train Depot porcelain Halloween display is from our personal collection, and it needs to find a new home, so we are currently auctioning it off at