Halloween in America written by author Stuart Schneider is more than just a book for collectors of Halloween, it also takes a look into the origins of Halloween.

Next to Christmas, more money is spent on Halloween decorations and novelties than on any other holiday. This wonderful book has been credited with inspiring the Halloween collecting craze, giving its devotees a chance to celebrate the holiday all year round!In addition to color photography and a brand new price guide, there are also many fascinating insights into Halloween. Most people are familiar with the symbols, ghosts, Jack O'lanterns, witches, bats, skeletons, and black cats, but few know about Halloween's past. Why does it exist? What is the origin of trick-or-treating? Why does it fall on October 31st? Through these pages you will experience Halloween celebrations of the past and take a look at Halloween today. For collectors, this is one of the largest collections of Halloween memorabilia.

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