Here is a vintage ring toss style Halloween game made by Beistle where the object of the game is to ring the tail of the cat with the donut ring. The game comes with a cat and twelve donuts. On top of the box there are slots to insert the feet of the cat into for it to stand up, which is then set on a table.

Each donut is assigned a number from one to twelve. Each player is given three tries to ring the tail of the cat with their donut. If the player is successful in ringing the cat, they will sit down. If the player is not successful in ringing the cat's tail, the number assigned to their donut is taken note of, and then they must perform a stunt that is assigned to their number.

The stunts that had to be performed included some of the following examples - Stand on a chair, wave your arms and crow like a rooster, run around the room on all fours and baa like a lamb, carry an orange or apple on your head across the room, ride a broom around the room three times to imitate a witch, turn to the left and dance around the first person you meet.

Vintage Halloween Ringer Donut Toss Game with Cat